Feature Race: 2014 HEI and Ryper Hobbies AARCMCC Australia 10th EP Off Road Tasmanian Titles

When: 21 to 23 February, 2014
Club: Goodwood Off-Road Model Car Club
Where: Goodwood Model Park, Hobart, Tasmania
Classes: 2wd Buggy Stock, 2wd Buggy Mod, Stadium Truck, 4wd Buggy Stock, 4wd Buggy Mod, Short Course Truck
Website: http://www.gomcc.com.au
Event Page: http://www.gomcc.com.au/2014-tas-titles/
RC Tech Thread: http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/765624-2014-aarcmcc-australia-10th-ep-off-road-tasmanian-titles-21-23-feb.html

Goodwood Off-Road Model Car Club Inc. is proud to announce the second running of the AARCMCC sanctioned state titles for 10th EP off road in Tasmania. This event will score points towards the IFMAR qualifying for 2WD and 4WD mod. Dates at this stage are TBC, we are awaiting confirmation from AARCMCC.

If you haven’t seen Tasmania before, it would be a great time to bring the family over and have a look around after the event. If you bring your car on the boat it is a 3 hour drive south to Hobart. You can also fly direct to Hobart for as little as $170 return from Melbourne, with a 20-25 minute drive from the airport to the track. You can find more details on the entry form and we’ll provide more info as it comes to hand.


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