Tix Race Developments

Now I don’t pretend that I know every corner of the RC car area of our hobby, so I am always excited to find new things, especially when they are Australian made!

Yesterday I stumbled upon Tix Race Developments whose website is here http://tixracedevelopments.com/

Apologies for the cut and paste, but I thought using their own words from their website would better describe what they are about!

For many years Myself and a few racing associates have been making custom parts for rc cars to better the performance. Starting small with lightened drive line gear for our own cars, to custom shocks for more travel, extending to custom chassis for better weight distribution.

We now offer the parts to the world offering conversion kits for the truggy market that the big manufactures don’t take as seriously as they should.

We also can make custom chassis at request with parts supplied

Starting back in the days of monster truck converting LST2′s into truggy beating weapons

When MT died off we worked on making a truggy with better weigh balance

This lead us to create the XTX8-T Mugen Xray Hybrid. The weight balance of the Mugen with the strength of the Xray

Mugen center layout. Tank, Driveshafts, Guards and radio tray. Custom Steering top plate and the rest xray to make it bullet proof. Good enough for 3rd as the Aus Nats 2010

If you have a large, or small, Australian RC Business, then make sure that you contact Aussie RC at aussierc@outlook.com so that we can let everybody else know about what you are doing!


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