Jeffrey wins with ERYX 411

Jeffrey Mackie TQ’S and Wins Stock in the 2014 AARCMCC State Titles at the SMA EP On Road-NSW State Title. Winning 4 out of 6 heats as well as a TQ run in the 4th heat Jeffrey was able to take a comfortable win in the first two rounds of the finals.


Choosing to lead was a major decision but going in and leading from the start to finish over the final rounds his Serpent 411 ERXY 2 performed faultlessly over the whole weekend.

After 6 minutes the top 5 cars were Less than 3 seconds so its all about not loosing your cool

Many thanks to our fellow Serpent drivers who cheered us along both at the track and those who were watching via the Results on the Internet

Special thanks to Walter Hobbies the Australian Serpent distributor who has never let us down.

Serpent for a quality Product and Orca motors and batteries what power our drive too win

Quote from another driverjef2

He is not that good but he doesn’t make any mistakes

One mistake we didn’t make was sticking with Serpent




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