2014 RC Formula1 Victorian Cup Series 1 Results

Season 1 Podium – F1

1st Andy Bishop
2nd John Papagrigoriou
3rd Will Moore


Season 1 Podium – Mini

1st Scott Pocock (not pictured but his trophy is)
2nd Clint Challanger
3rd Ned Dryden


Season 1 Podium – 21.5 Blinky

1st Michael Juttner
2nd Mike Hancock
3rd Scott Lucas


Season 1 Podium – 21.5 Boosted & 17.5 Blinky

1st Tim Forster
2nd John Papagrigoriou
3rd Brett Shell


Season 1 Podium – 13.5 Boosted

1st Wayne Edwards
2nd Nigel George
3rd Jamie O’Brien


Source: http://rcformula1.com.au/index.php/home/670-2014-vic-cup-series-round-4-results


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