Feature Event: Ryper Hobbies 2014 AARCMCC EP Off Road Australian Championships

What: 2014 AARCMCC EP Off Road Australian Championships
 22-26 October 2014
Where: End of Kyeema Street, behind the National Velodrome, Narrabundah, ACT.
Classes: Friday: 2wd Stock, 2wd Modified. Saturday: 4wd Stock, 4wd Modified. Sunday: Short Course Truck, Stadium Truck. Monday: Rain day
Website: http://www.cormcc.org
RC Tech Thread: http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/828300-2014-aarcmcc-ep-off-road-australian-championships-22-26-october-2014-a.html

CORMCC in association with Ryper Hobbies and AARCMCC are proud to host the Ryper Hobbies 2014 AARCMCC EP Off Road Australian Championships, 22-26 October 2014.



Entries and tire orders will be via emailing the Entry Form to info@cormcc.org. Payment details are included in the form.
Entries close 28th September 2014

Kyeema Street, Narrabundah, A.C.T.
Google Maps

We have an undercover pit area and club table and chairs to fit ~70-90 people with two per table. If you are travelling from nearby and can fit it in, BYO table/chair and shade. We will have an air compressor and wash bay for this event. There will be a canteen running throughout.

Wednesday: Open Practice
Thursday: Open Practice, controlled when needed
Friday: 2wd Stock, 2wd Modified
Saturday: 4wd Stock, 4wd Modified
Sunday: Short Course Truck, Stadium Truck
Monday: Rain day

Fees and payment details
First class: $40
Additional classes: $30

Control Tyres
2wd&4wd Rear: AKA Racing Rebar 2.2 (Soft) – 13108s – insert 33012 – $15.00/pr
4wd Front: AKA Racing Rebar 2.2 (Soft) – 13308s – insert 33013 – $15.00/pr
2wd Front: open

Stadium Truck:
Rear: AKA Racing Typo 2.2″ (Super Soft) – 13401vr – $20.00/pr
Front: open

Short Course Truck:
Rear: AKA Racing Gridiron (Soft) – 13003sr – $20.00/pr
Front: open


Useful links
AARCMCC Approved ESC List
ROAR Approved ESC List
ROAR Approved Lipos


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