HPI Q32 Baja Buggy

Want a Baja but don’t have the space? Well the latest model in the Baja line is a little, well, smaller! Originally Named the Cue when it was first previewed, but now the Q32 Baja, this pint sized racer is packed with features at a low price point, and size!

Now everyone can enjoy the Baja, indoors and out, on tabletops and floors and anywhere you like! The Q32 chassis is the smallest member of the HPI family, and it’s a fun way to get your RC fix on rainy days or when you’re stuck in the office! Fitted with grippy foam tires and a direct rear-wheel drivetrain, it’s light, nimble and FAST! At just 109mm (4.3″) in length and 76mm (2.9″) wide, it’s ideal for racing in the smallest of spaces! We’ve also included 8 corner markers and even a cool mini-ramp to get you started making your own custom race courses! The Q32 features awesome “Real Steer”, which means the car drives just like a larger RC car!

For more details visit HPI at http://www.hpiracing.com/en/kit/114060


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