NZ Offroad EP Nationals 2015 Results

Ok, now for some news from our NZ cousins!

The NZRCA Offroad EP Nationals for 2015 is over.  It was a good event.  Some of the best racing we have seen. It was awesome to have Shane Van Gisbergen over from his busy V8 schedule. There were a couple of hiccups and a the obligatory Auckland rain delay but we got through it all.

Check out our facebook page for photos and more news.  

Some stats from the event:

  • 165 cars entered
  • 111 races run
  • 19 hours of racing

Full Alycat results can be found here All Race Results

Thanks to all the guys who helps run the meeting from the track crew to the race officials and scrutineers.

Also thanks to our sponsors:

Outlaw RC Developments

Prosport RC



We Cut Shapes for trophies


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