Racing Lines 226 – July hitting shelves

I might sound like a broken record, but i love this publication and as the only aussie rc car mag, we need to support it.   

So in this issue we have:

  • Details of the new Team Associated RC8B3
  • Testbench looks at the Hitec Lynx 4S radio
  • Living the dream speaks with Kyle McBride
  • RC history examines the Kyosho scale cars
  • A review of the AARMA Granite monster truck
  • A review of the Xray X1 F1
  • All the latest Australian racing, news and events (something i have been slack covering of late)
  • Soapbox examines “Do juniors matter?”. I have some opinions about this, but that is a different post to this one.
  • Tech talk has Ray Munday looking at his new Reedy Blackbox power system

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