Which Crawler to Buy, 2015 Edition!

Ok, i’ve done a couple of overviews of what is available on the market in regards to vehicles in particular categories or classes, but today I thought Crawlers ought to be the topic of discussion.  Now i’m far from an expert myself as I’ve rarely driven a crawler, never owned one and am hoping to be in the market for one myself soon.

However I saw a great video doing a run through of 11 Trail Trucks (as opposed to outright Rock crawlers with no scale resembelence to real vehicles) by DJ Medic at the RC Sparks Studio and thought that it was as close to a what to buy article as anything I can whip up from behind the keyboard, supported by the fact these are all his cars that he has drive, and can comment with authority on each vehicle.  It’s a 17 minute long video, but worth a watch if you are interested in getting into crawlers.


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