Racing Lines March 2016 Edition


Issue 234 is hitting the shelves now, and this is what you can look forward to.
-The latest car news
-News on the Traxxas Anon quadcopter
-Testbed looks at the Santa MT-4s
-Tech tips looks at air filters
-RC history looks at the Castle Hill Vintage Enduro
– The RC8B3e from associated gets some track time in its review
-RR10 bomber is a great new rock racer from Axial which gets a thorough review
-A new player in Australia, DHK, gets their Hunter Bl 4×4 thrashed and reviewed, although it is referred to as the Hunter 2 in the review. Even the one I just drove is stickered a Hunter BL, maybe a typo?
-The final review is of the LRP s10 blast tc, a Brushless touring car that looks like a great unit.
-And if course all of the latest racing news and reports.


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