Racing Lines 240 Out Now

The latest edition of racing lines looks at a few areas, this is what you can look forward to in the September issue.

  • The latest news and new releases
  • Testbench looks at the Team Orion CFR truggies 22 engine
  • Engine talk talks engine tuning, running in and care with Andrew Ford
  • Dirty deeds looks at gluing off road tyres. I like the look of Muchmore tyre glue and applicator, i just get some to try. 
  • Quads and Drones looks at the new Wingspans Minivet Quad. 
  • The LRP story looks at their Gravit Dark Vision Quad which has an interesting replaceable arm/motor combination. 
  • RC History is a lament to the demise of Novak. 
  • Second look examines the Axial Yeti once again
  • The BSD racing Rock Crawler (that is its name) is reviewed and it looks like an interesting budget crawler.
  • The big ARRMA Nero is also reviewed.
  • And finally the racing lines sections has results and reports from racing around the country. 

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