Axial Racing Yeti XL Kit

product_ax90038_yeti_xl_monster_buggy_kit_950x450Coming to you with the ability to choose the electronics that you want, the Axial Racing Yeti XL kit is ready for you to plug in your favourite 1/8 scale brushless 4-pole system.

AR have also included a rear sway bar (medium, 3.4mm), 3mm aluminum lower link plates, aluminum 17mm hex hubs and nuts, adjustable steel turnbuckles, and officially licensed 3.8 Falken WildPeak M/T tires in their S30 compound.

For more information on the AX90038 Yeti™ XL 1/8th Scale Electric 4WD Kit visit the Axial Racing Website at

Axial Yeti Kit details released

Axial racing have released details of their new rock racer kit, which really was going to happen at some stage for the 1:10 Yeti. Details below of what the kit includes.

AX90025 Yeti™ Rock Racer 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD – Kit

Now in kit form, the Yeti™ is a skillfully engineered rock racing vehicle with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. Its distinct aesthetic and technical elements were inspired by full-size desert trucks. Its strategically engineered design supplies bashing stamina while delivering a high level of technical rock racing abilities without compromise in either category. This kit version will accept standard 1/10th scale brushed and brushless 4-pole systems and most major stick pack batteries. Precision machined aluminum shocks are standard equipment and deliver smooth suspension movement for consistent handling.

• 2.2 Falken Wildpeak M/T tires – S30 compound
• Officially licensed 2.2 Method IFD™ beadlock wheels
• Adjustable Icon aluminum shocks
• Universal axle set
• Machined, heavy duty spiral cut bevel gears
• Adjustable dual slipper clutch
• Aluminum lower link plates
• M4 threaded aluminum turnbuckles
• AR60 OCP-Axle™ – solid rear axle, independent front suspension
• WB8 HD Wildboar™ rear driveshaft
• WB8 HD center CVD joint
• Three driver helmets, complete set of decals, clear body and interior tray


Another new rig from Axial, the Wraith Spawn


Axial have released a new version of the Wraith, this time featuring a fully enclosed body on the slightly unfortunately named Spawn.  Perhaps they were thinking of the comic book anti-hero of the same name?


Anyway, the details!

The Axial Wraith™ Spawn is packed with performance features. This full bodied version Wraith retains many of the components that made this vehicle famous. The virtually bulletproof AR60 OCP axles are ready take the Spawn through its paces whether blasting through the wide open desert or hammering its way through the toughest rock trails. The Ripsaw™ 2.2 tires are a proven true grip standard, wrapped around industry proven Method IFD™ beadlock wheels. Whether you are rock racing or just backyard bashing, the Wraith™ Spawn is ready for action.

For more details visit


Is waterproof really waterproof

Axial Racing posted an interesting guide yesterday titled “The truth about waterproof” walking about the claims by many manufacturers about their equipment that is waterproof.

Now the crawlers amongst you who have rigs that can survive full immersion in creeks, rivers and lake know exactly how much work and maintenance it takes to make, and keep, a vehicle truly waterproof.

The truth is that most RTR vehicles are Water Resistant at best, but have a read of the article over at Axial for yourself 😉

Axial Yeti XL details released

I know it’s kinda odd to post a review of a vehicle before the release details, but sometimes that is the way it goes with Axial Racing. Whilst i”m not sold on the rock racer vs rock crawler thing, I have to say the sheer size of this unit appeals.

So, the AX90032 Yeti XL™ Monster Buggy 1/8th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR is one BIG R/C car. While they are calling it 1:8, it’s nearly the size of a 1:5 HPI Baja. RRP is listed as $700, so i’m not sure how that will translate here in Australia with the Aussie Dollar falling somewhat of late.

From Axial:

he Axial Yeti XL™ Monster Buggy; a new category, a new frontier, a new dimension. From the beginning of the concept through the design phase, we drew upon our brand philosophy to develop and deliver something different to the R/C monster truck arena. Monster trucks are known for bashability, so we jumped head first into the segment by creating a vehicle with insane brushless power along with features that would allow it to withstand the abuse that comes with the territory. From the outset, the goal of maintaining brand heritage was a priority. Our research and development team took those traits and attributes, mixed them with the Axial design ethos which is heavily rooted in full size rock racing, and developed what could be considered the next level in R/C monster truck design. The Yeti XL™ is powered by a Castle Creations 2200KV 4-pole Vanguard XL brushless motor and it’s equipped with the industry’s first 8th scale solid rear axle with an independent front suspension [IFS] chassis system. Everything’s kept under control by massive 20mm aluminum shock bodies that house Big Bore 16™ (16mm) pistons on beefy 4mm shock shafts which help maintain high speed stability when running through a wide variety of terrain. With this, we have yet again skirted the mainstream and delivered a vehicle that falls into it’s own niche, the Monster Buggy.

• Powered By: Castle Creations 2200KV 4-Pole Vanguard XL brushless motor
• Massive 20mm aluminum shock bodies, 16mm pistons, 4mm shock shafts
• AR60 XL™ solid rear axle, 4-linked with multiple tuning options
• Independent front suspension (IFS)
• Front CVJ metal universals
• All metal gear transmission, CNC metal cut differential gears
• BFGoodrich® Krawler™ T/A® KX tires on 3.8 Raceline Monster wheels
• Vanguard AE-4 XL ESC, 4S / 6S LiPo, waterproof
• Metal gear Tactic TSX45 MG servo, 151 oz-in, water resistant
• Waterproof receiver box

Axial Yeti XL Review

Don’t get too excited, I haven’t got one to play with, but the boys at Big Squid RC have, and they seem to like it.

What is it?  Basically a 5th scale Yeti, A monster sized off road rock racer.  It is very nearly the size of a HPI Baja 5B, but taller (as you can see below).

Check out what they think, as well as photos and more over at

Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon

Axial is at it again, but this time it’s not a Jeep!

It's not a Jeep!

It’s not a Jeep!

The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is modeled after the toughest civilian 4×4 truck on the planet. This legendary Ram pickup is now available for heavy duty service work on the jobsite during the week and trail adventures with all your friends on the weekends. The beautiful two piece body can be split and used with the AX80046 SCX10™ Roll Cage Flat Bed Set (not included). The details in the front grill and both bumpers really sets this vehicle apart.As always, you can expect top level trail performance from this offering. Take a legendary Ram truck platform, mate it to the legendary SCX10™ trail truck chassis, and you have a combination that is hard to rival. The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is ready when you are to tackle even the harshest off road terrain.
• WB8 HD Wildboar™ driveshafts
• Dual slipper clutch
• Single-coil, adjustable shocks
• Heavy duty differential lockers
• Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels
• 1.9 Ripsaw tires (R35 compound)
• AE-5 waterproof ESC
• Tactic TSX45 water resistant metal gear servo

More details at

The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups

The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups

Axial ESC – Motor recomendations form Team Novak

The guys over at Team Novak are always a helpful bunch, and the other day released a helpful guide showing their recomendations for ESC and Motor combinations for the Axial Racing lineup of vehicles.

If you are in the market for a new system for your Axial rig it is certainly worth checking out at

2014 Axialfest Video

For those of you that have not heard of it, Axialfest it is 4 day long adventure crawling event being held in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Google it, you will find a heap of photos and information on it including the information below. Although the event has finished now, and most of us are in the wrong country, I thought I would share a video looking at some of the action from the event, so enjoy 🙂

Axialfest 2014 Adventurist 1.9 & 2.2 Intel

– A tow strap is mandatory. An Axial or RPP Lanyard makes a great tow strap.
– A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
– 10 scale items are mandatory.
– 10 scale gold mining items are mandatory & can be used as the 10 mandatory scale items. (i.e. a shovel or pick ax)
– A raft, self-propelled or pulled towed with rope, to ferry your scaler across a body of water is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Your ferry will be staged in a secure area and if your ferry is not self-propelled, you will be required to pull your ferry across the water.
– A scale Trash-a-roo or similar bag is mandatory & will be used to put possible gold or similar adventure items in.
– A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended for possible time bonus and/or swag if challenge is completed
– Roll a Rollo to your favorite pal at G Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
– A scale gold nugget is mandatory and must be delivered to G Central during Driver Check in.

Axialfest 2014 Ultra Driver Intel- Special “Ultra Driver Only” Course is Mandatory and not for the timid.

– 10 scale items is mandatory.
– A scale Trash-a-roo is mandatory.
– A tow strap is mandatory
– A winch is mandatory and will be used.
– A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Axialfest 2014 Expedition Classes N-Tow & 6×6
– 20 scale items are mandatory
– A tow strap is mandatory
– A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended
– A spare tire is mandatory.
– 10 scale gold mining items is mandatory.

Axialfest 2014 will be rich in adventure, action, and possibly “gold”. Load up your modern day covered wagon and head west to get your scale adventure fix, in the 2014 Axialfest RECON G6.