The countdown is on! 2017 1/8 FEMCA Championships are coming soon

The countdown is on! 2017 1/8 FEMCA Championships are coming soon

20728794_10156426796873219_5608475780974937501_o.jpgCalling all 1/8 Buggy racers from Australia and beyond!

As many of you already know, the 2017 1/8 FEMCA Championships are returning to Australian soil this year, being held at the Model Off Road Buggy Club (MORBC) from October 4-8, right off my own backyard in Perth, WA.

If you’re getting that deja vu feeling, you would be forgiven for thinking we’ve somehow wound back in 2015, as the same event was held at MORBC just 2 years ago. The FEMCA event in 2015 was an absolute cracker of a show, and kickstarted the push for MORBC to host the upcoming 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Off Road Worlds next year, potentially the biggest RC event to come to Australian soils in a very long time!

If you haven’t been to MORBC before, or haven’t seen the 2018 worlds trailer which was released on LiveRC’s stream of the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 Off Road worlds last year in Las Vegas, check out these:

2016 AARCMCC 1/8 Nationals Series RD3 Buggy A Main

2018 IFMAR Worlds Teaser

More information is continuing to come from the club as we near closer to October. You can keep tabs on all that is the 2017 FEMCA at the following links:


MORBC Facebook page


FEMCA Facebook Page


West Coast Model RC throws down fresh asphalt

West Coast Model RC throws down fresh asphalt

West Coast Model RC are very proud of their recent works, the major upgrade and resurfacing of their on road circuit in preparation to hosting the 2017 AARCMCC Australian EP ONR National Championships in November!

The original track, which was built well over 20 years ago, has not been completely resurfaced since its original construction, and has stood the test of time in Moojebing Reserve, Bayswater. This year, the club decided it was time to change things up, with original plans to simply put in some bitumen cut-outs for additional layout options. These plans quickly blew out to a complete overhaul, with cutouts and a resurface of the circuit.

The new surface should last a lot longer, and the cutouts will provide plenty of layout options for WA’s on road racers to play on. This work is the focal point of the buildup towards hosting the 2017 AARCMCC Australian EP On Road National Championships on November 2-5, right here at WCMRC!

Personally, this makes me want to build up a tourer and go back to my RC Racing beginnings, but I’m thrilled to be a part of a growing RC scene here in WA, and also to be trackside announcing the show!

Event info and entry forms, including hotel and tire information is all coming soon from WCMRC, follow the club on Facebook to stay in the know, and I hope to see plenty of faces here for the Nationals!

WCMRC Facebook Page

WCMRC Chat Group




Carpet Off Road open for business in Perth!

Carpet Off Road open for business in Perth!

Adding to Perth’s growing RC racing scene, the Perth Radio Electric Car Club (PRECC) has completed the final touches on their indoor carpet off road track in Morley, WA.

The PRECC club has been around for many years, running weekly club racing for EP On Road racers at their indoor facility, in recent times the club has moved around, finally settling into their current location at 26 Boag Place, Morley WA 6062 (behind the Bunnings warehouse).

Adding to their existing carpet on-road track, the club has now added EP Off Road to their roster, with a new track build behind the existing circuit, allowing both tracks to share the same drivers stand. To do this, the club has relocated their pit area to the back of the building. The track itself is quite small…well its very small to tell the truth, which adds a certain element of character to the new track. The measurements come in around 20m x 10m in size, made up of older on road carpet segments, and utilising a double-crossover, a clear perspex tunnel and a fantastic wall ride, the ladies and gentlemen behind the scenes have spared no effort to deliver a great new track to throw our cars around on.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the committee in the last few weeks. Testing various tire options, minor layout changes and offering some advice on future plans, the track is very technical and crazy fast, delivering 14-16s lap times with a 2WD Modified buggy.

Due to the size and fast-paced nature of the track, the track is only open to 1/10 vehicles (No EP8!) but even then it will be a challenge for even the best drivers to turn a perfectly clean run by themselves, let alone with a full field of cars on the track! But fear not racers, the layout is easy to grasp initially, after a couple of battery packs you can expect to driver comfortably around the track on decent pace. The club have been looking to address the issue of size, at the moment the track is probably too small to run a full 10 cars at once, so they plan to start out racing with 8 car heats. They have expressed a long term idea for the addition of an upper-deck back straightaway; which will add a 6th lane and open up the track to allow 10 car heats.

The off road track is available for practice on Tuesday nights while they hold their regular on-road club racing, and the plan moving forward is to host weekly Saturday night off road racing, so as not to clash with the other EP Off Road tracks in Perth (West Coast Model RC and Belmont Radio Controlled Car Club) which both race weekly on Friday nights.

The official launch race night is next Saturday July 1, doors open at 3pm, racing from 6.30pm. Typical carpet tires seem to be working best (Schumacher mini pins & cut staggers 2WD / Wide Stagger rib 4WD works best for me so far) however its very fun to throw down your dirt car on an old set of pin tires and cut loose! The only other thing needed are some shock tower protectors (if your car has carbon towers), a few pieces of hacked up old wing, or the bottom of a coke bottle make great protectors that are easy to make and fit to your car!

Hit up the PRECC Facebook page to stay up to date with all the info.

See you at the track!



Speed Secrets: Car Tuning – the R/C Handbook

There are many secrets to going fast, and the fastest motor is far from the answer in 99% of cases.  Going fast is somewhat of a black art made up of 1 part car preparation, 1 part equipment, 1 part car tuning, 1 part driving line and 1 part driver. I once asked Scott Guyatt to watch me drive one day to see what I could do better in car setup and driving line to go faster, and his answer was to go slower.  I was simply hitting corners too hot, and losing time and not making the best racing line as a result.

At the time when I did not understand what to change on my car, it was the one thing that made the biggest difference over any other. For me more often than not, trying to go fast is still my biggest failing.  However today we will talk about car setup, and hopefully we can help you understand what you need to do on the track to make your car work for you.

Now for a disclaimer of sorts here, what works for one person to go fast on a race track, will not work for another.  The dichotomy of my brother’s racing style in Short Course Trucks, and my own is a good example. I like my truck to be stable, and fairly responsive to turn in with a little give in the tail if  go in too hot rather than rolling over.  My brother on the other hand (who incidentally is much faster than me) sets his truck up to slide around corners in an almost drift style, but that works for him.

Now I am certainly no expert on setup, and I won’t preach here to pretend that I am, rather I will refer you to the same bible that I use, a well written document available for free written by the aforementioned Scott Guyatt. Originally written for touring cars the 2004 version is on this page of Action R/C

A more general version penned in 2005 can be found on petitrc here

I have a copy of the 2005 version printed and stowed safely in my pit back because I can never remember the right setup change to make!

The R/C Handbook is well written and encompasses most tuning options and conditions that you may encounter, just look up what you want to change, see what you need to and make a small adjustment at a time to see what effect it has on your car, for better or for worse.  This is where keeping track of your records can help find what makes you faster, but the feel of the car is the biggest difference for me.

So now you know my secret to getting the right setup change, I hope it helps you de mistify what you need to make changes to on your RC car.

ROAR do a backflip on 1:10 Wheels

Why do we care what is happening with some US rules? Because many AARCMCC regulations are derived from ROAR rules, and what happens there tends to have an influence around the world.

Now i never understood the controversy around the bigger 2.4 rims (diameter, not width) were banned last year be ROAR as the rules never allowed them. However the announcement today is an about face from their position in 2014 that is effective immediarely.

Now the height and width of the tyres is not changing, just the size of the rim, and a lower profile tyre will not suit all conditions, just like with 1:1 cars.

If anything i am relieved to see the rule makers moving with the times a little, although i don’t see it changing the nature if how we race much.

ROAR is introducing a rules change with immediate effect that results in 2 different wheel configurations being available as options for manufacturers and competitors: – the existing 2.2″ nominal wheels – the newer 2.4″ or 61mm nominal wheels The new rules do not include dimensions compatible with vintage style wheels as they are generally not used in ROAR sanctioned competition. Dimensions for the traditional 2.2″ wheel will be: – Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.20 inch (55.88mm) +/-.013 inch (.30mm) – Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.42 inch (61.468 mm) – Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum Dimensions for the newer wheel style will be: – Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.380 – 2.427 inch (60.45 – 61.65 mm) – Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.571 inch (65.3 mm) – Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum

Throwback Friday Video – World 1:5 Touring Cars Brisbane 2007

Back in 2007 the World 1:5 Touring Car Championship was held in Brisbane, Now I love the Large Scale cars, but i’ve not had a chance to see them race in the flesh and I didn’t realise this happened in 2007.  However as the old video was posted up by the England Park  Raceway facebook page and I thought it was worth sharing.


Cobra GT win by Chris Stanley

Penrith District Nitro Racing member and Team Serpent driver Chris Stanley competed in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) State Titles (Canberra Australia) over the 6-8 June 2014.

In the cold conditions Chris managed to TQ his Novarossi ISON powered Serpent Cobra GT, a whole lap ahead of his nearest competitor.

During the 30 minute final Chris had a comfortable lead up until his final fuel stop, where his normally reliable Novarossi flamed out. After some anxious moments his trusty pit men Brayden Stanley (Chris’ 8 year old son) Shaun Kaltenbacher fired the Novarossi back up and he cruised to a 3 lap win.

Other Serpent Cobras also finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th. Fifth spot was taken by Greg Temme, another Penrith driver who was running the new RTR version of the GT.

Special thanks goes to Walter RC Hobby City, the Australian Distributor of Serpent products, for the great support and combination of the Cobra GT and the Novarossi.