Yes that’s right, Aussie RC News is on the move.   We haven’t gone far, just headed over to http://www.aussierc.com.au

So check out the new site and it’s slightly newer style.  Update your bookmarks and let us know what you think!  We always love to hear your feedback.

Just in case you missed it, http://www.aussierc.com.au 😉

This page will no longer be updated, but all of the content from here has been moved over there, so check it out!

We Want YOU!

Promoting RC Racing in Australia, and the results therein is something I set out to achieve on this website, and of late i’ve had limited time and success, and that is why I need YOU to join the team!

I am looking for a Correspondent/rep for each state to help post up about the events, results and happenings in your state as most people are more aware of local events than interstate ones.  So if you are interested in helping out Aussie RC, and if you can write in a word document you can write a post on the page here, then drop an email to aussierc@outlook.com or comment or message me on wordpress or on facebook.

So stand up and help get events in your state noticed from Large Scale, to 8th off road, 8th on road, electric on or off road, crawlers U4RC or Drifting, we want to know about it all!

Christmas break for Aussie RC

If we seem very quiet over the new year it is for a good reason, because we are enjoying the Christmas and New Years holidays and not being online at all! Rest assured we will be back in the new year as busy as ever, until then from the crew at Aussie RC, have a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

We also hope that Santa puts something RC under your Christmas tree 😉

Aussie RC’s 1 Year Anniversary

Has it really been a year since the first post on Aussie RC? Well not quite, technically that’s Wednesday the 3rd, but the first was when I started working on the main blog and facebook page before making the first post.

I had always read Red RC, Bigsquid RC, Neobuggy, Red RC and other RC news websites around the world to keep up to date with what happens, but I was somewhat dejected to not find any sites that had news specific to Australian races, clubs and news.  So I started one myself to see how hard it was to do. The internet, facebook and the likes has made it much simpler to disseminate news with our website feeding to our facebook page which in turn feeds to our twitter profile.

To date www.aussierc.wordpress.com has racked up in excess of 18,000 views since our inception, with some of the most highly viewed posts surprising me at times.  On facebook we have almost 750 likes at the time of writing and steadily increasing in number.

Some of the interesting posts that have recorded the highest views (in order) have been Do we need to modernise how we race?, 1/4 Scale Grave Digger, the Kyosho FO-XX VE and coming in at no.1 What 2wd Buggy for 2014.

I would like to thank me those who have emailed in news to us at aussierc@outlook.com, or through the feedback page of the site.  I would like to thank those that have helped contribute towards the site, and remind you all that we are always looking for people to help and contribute.

So onwards and upwards to bigger and better things for what remains of 2014, and the year 2015 to come!

Celebrating 500 Likes on Facebook and more

We reached somewhat of a milestone here at Aussie RC yesterday, reaching 500 likes on our facebook page.

I thought I would take the opportunity to look at some of the other statistics from Aussie RC since we first started.

Our first post here on http://www.aussierc.wordpress.com was on the 3rd of December, 2013, and it was 7 months, to the day, that we hit 500 likes on facebook.

The website has had 7,663 hits since that day on the 3rd of December.

In relation to popular posts on the website, Do We Need To Modernise How We Race has been our most viewed article with 199 views to date. Closely followed with 109 views each by What 2wd Buggy for 2014? and the more recent  AARCCMCC Queensland EP Off Road Championships Wrapup.

On the facebook page, it was a post about the mainstream media coverage of the AARCMCC Qld Champs that has been seen by more people than any other post in recent months.

I will take this opportunity to thank everybody who had been following us and supporting me in bringing this website to life.  Keep following us, keep sending us news, hints, tips and information about upcoming events in australia of any surface kind to help promote this hobby that we all have a passion for.


A Small Change at Aussie RC and Contributors Wanted

As some of you know, there are two Richard’s Here, me who has come along to help a little while after inception, and Aussie RC Admin (also a Richard) who started this place up. Except that really it is two separate accounts for the same person, me.

However now i’ve decided to just post things as myself, to make things a little clearer where the opinions are coming from.  In time I will migrate the old posts to this username, but for now they will stay as they are.

However this brings me on to another point, whilst I am not the only contributor we are always looking for more contributors from all aspects of the RC hobby.  If you have a review you wrote of a new car or piece of equipment, send it to us to publish, if you have a major race meet coming up, we would love to publicise it. Perhaps you want to be a regular contributor, we are more than happy to welcome you to the team. Contributions of any kind are always welcome through our facebook page, or through aussierc@outlook.com .

So whether you area a basher, racer, cralwer, off road specialist, flat track fanatic or love the very big or very small RC cars, we want to hear from all of you.

We Want You!

We have posted before looking for more contributors across all areas of RC Cars, but this time it is a little different.  Each friday we want to feature one Readers Ride on our website. However to do that, we need readers to send in pictures and information about your RC vehicle or vehicles!  Even the whole collection if you have a few.

Just send them to us on facebook, or to aussierc@outlook.com and see if your vehicle is the one chosen to feature on Aussie RC News that week!

We are also looking for reviews from our readers.  Are you getting a new model soon, and want to take some photos of the build, finished and being driven at your local bash spot, drift track, crawling spot or race track?  Do you have some time to write up your thoughts on your new vehicle?  Then write it up, and submit it to us at aussierc@outlook.com or through the contact us page.  Because let’s face it, the best thing to help you choose on what rc car you are going to buy next, is to see what other people think of theirs!